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Uzbekistan remains the largest importer of Kazakh wheat

Uzbekistan remains the largest importer of Kazakh wheat

Uzbekistan remains the largest importer of Kazakh wheat, where 454 thousand tons of wheat were supplied to in less than two months. In total, during the 2020/2021 marketing year (it began on July 1, 2020 and will end on June 30, 2021), Kazakhstan exported 648.8 thousand tons of wheat excluding flour in grain equivalent.

Other importers were: Tajikistan – 84.5 thousand tons, China – 51.3 thousand tons, Afghanistan – 14.2 thousand tons, Kyrgyzstan – 4.2 thousand tons, Turkmenistan – 2.6 thousand tons, Iran – 1.9 thousand tons and Russia – 34.2 thousand tons (this figure also includes transit through the Russian Federation to other countries).

In the 2019-2020 marketing year, Kazakhstan exported 4.86 million tons of wheat, including to Uzbekistan – 2.2 million tons, Tajikistan – 958.2 thousand tons, Afghanistan – 410.9 thousand tons, China – 320.5 thousand tons, Turkmenistan – 106.5 thousand tons, Kyrgyzstan – 92 thousand tons and Russia – 453.4 thousand tons.

Earlier, Agriculture Minister Mr.Saparkhan Omarov  said that in the current marketing year Kazakhstan intended to export 7.5-8 million tons of grain (including flour in grain equivalent), which is 1-1.5 million tons more than last year.

The current forecast of the grain balance from the Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture: out of 18 million tons of grain harvest 2020, about 10-10.5 million tons (food grain, fodder, seeds) will be for domestic consumption, the rest is potential exports. As of August 1, the grain carry-over in the Republic amounted to about 3 million tons. Including 1.1 million tons at grain-receiving enterprises, 364.2 thousand tons at mills, and another 1.5 million tons – at agricultural producers.

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