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Existing Barriers to Exporters

Entering international markets always has its own characteristics. Exporting goods to any country involves confirming the standards of the importing country, obtaining a “local” certificate of quality and many other “technical” nuances. Not all entrepreneurs wishing to export their products are aware of such subtleties.

Lack of relevant information and the necessary competencies, indecision, lack of experience and inability to objectively evaluate the readiness of your company for export become frequent reasons for refusing to enter foreign markets. Meanwhile, many goods and services of Kazakhstan production, if properly positioned, can compete with global brands.

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Export Accelerator is a program for entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses, helping everyone to prepare for the withdrawal of goods to foreign markets.

Within the framework of the program, QazTrade employees will help: choose a favorable direction for export; prepare the goods for obtaining the standards of the importing country; find a potential buyer; write the text of the contract; determine the optimal logistics route.

Export accelerators are currently operating in such countries as Canada, Australia, Russia, USA, Germany, France and New Zealand.

Export Acceleration Program from QazTrade Trade Policy Development Center JSC

Multifactorial expert assessment

Phased diagnostics of the enterprise to identify strengths and weaknesses

Development of an individual strategy for entering foreign markets

Foreign business missions and exhibitions

The effect of acceleration for business

Improving business competence in:

– Conducting foreign economic activity;

– Drawing up foreign trade contracts;

– Understanding regional international specifics;

– Production of export-oriented goods;

– Promotion of products planned for export;

– Documentation of exported products;

– Getting support for exporters.

Business participation in the program is FREE.

In 2020, the selection of participating companies will be carried out mainly in favor of food manufacturers.

Who can participate in the program?

Potential exporters

  • Commodity producers of non-primary products;
  • Companies with no export experience;
  • Companies facing multiple barriers;
  • Companies that do not have sufficient competencies in promoting their products.

Existing exporters

  • Exporters of non-primary products;
  • Exporters making one-time foreign deliveries;
  • Exporters supplying products in small volumes;
  • Exporters with a narrow market.

How to become a member of the program

You must register on the site and apply