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OECD Reviews

OECD Reviews

  Review title
1SME and Entrepreneurship Policy in Kazakhstan 2018 
2Reforming Kazakhstan: Progress, Challenges and Opportunities 
3Multi-dimensional country review 
4Functional Review 
5OECD Integrity Scan of Kazakhstan 
6OECD Urban Policy Reviews: Kazakhstan 
7Second Investment Policy Review 
8Reviews of National Policies for Education: Higher Education in Kazakhstan 
9OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Kazakhstan 2017 
10Building Inclusive Labour Markets in Kazakhstan. A Focus on Youth, Older Workers and People with Disabilities  
11National Health Accounts of Kazakhstan   
OECD Reviews of Health Systems: Kazakhstan 2018  
12Economic aspects of water management in EECCA countries: supporting the implementation of a water management program 
13Promoting Clean Urban Public Transportation and Green Investment in Kazakhstan 
14Public Private Partnerships Review of Kazakhstan 
15Public Procurement in Kazakhstan. Reforming for Efficiency 
16Risk Governance Scan of Kazakhstan 
17Budgeting in Kazakhstan. A roadmap for continued for continued budgetary governance reform 
18Support for the implementation of the Functional review 
19Increasing regional competitiveness (second stage) 
20Optimization of the taxation system 
21Local strategies for FDI-SME linkage building in Kazakhstan
22The regulation of goods and services markets in Kazakhstan (PMR) 
23Optimization of local value chains 
24Monitoring the development of agricultural co-operatives in Kazakhstan 
25Addressing Industrial Air Pollution in Kazakhstan. Reforming Environmental Payments Policy Guidelines 
26Implementation of the. System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA) 
27Introduction of green growth indicators in the Republic of Kazakhstan 
28Services Trade Restrictiveness Index for Kazakhstan (STRI)