More than 574 million tenge have already been reimbursed to Kazakhstan exporters of processed goods in 2021 - "QazTrade" Trade Policy Development Center" JSC

More than 574 million tenge have already been reimbursed to Kazakhstan exporters of processed goods in 2021

The Interdepartmental Commission (IDC) approved 27 applications for reimbursement of the costs incurred by exporting entrepreneurs for promoting domestic processed goods to foreign markets from 17 entities for a total amount of 574 391 210,76 tenge, incuding:

1) 1 application for the promotion (advertising) of domestic processed goods from the subject for a total amount of 428 571 tenge.

2) 26 applications for delivery of domestically processed goods from 16 entities for a total amount of 573 962 639.76 tenge, namely:

– railway delivery 480 943 491,52 tenge;

– car delivery 62 758 487 tenge;

– air delivery 30 260 660,84 tenge.

Of the total number of approved applications, 17 came from small businesses, 4 from medium-sized businesses and 6 from large businesses.

It is planned to make 51 applications at the next meeting of IDC for a total amount of 853,6 million tenge: 31 applications were received from small business, 13 – medium and 7- large (11 – higher stage of the value chain, 31 – middle and 9 – lower).

Currently 262 applications from exporting enterprises are under consideration.

A total of 474 applications from exporting companies have been received since the start of the admission.

This year, the authorized body in the field of regulation of trade activities started accepting applications as early as January 26, 2021 compared to March 12 last year. Four meetings of the Interdepartmental Commission (IDC) have already been held in the first quarter of this year, while no meeting of IDC was held in the first quarter of 2020 and only 41 applications were received.

In order to ensure better submission of applications for reimbursement of expenses of entrepreneurs for promotion of domestic processed goods to foreign markets, JSC «QazTrade», an operator of the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the promotion of domestically processed goods to foreign markets conducts explanatory work.

From 15 to 21 April, explanatory works were carried out for exporters of the Kostanay, Turkestan, Akmola, Aktobe, Almaty and East Kazakhstan regions.

Explanatory work is conducted daily at 15.00 in the ZOOM format.

Almaty – April 22, 2021;

Nur-Sultan – April 23, 2021;

Shymkent – April 26, 2021;

Zhambyl region – April 27, 2021;

Kyzylorda region – April 27, 2021;

West Kazakhstan region – April 28, 2021;

Karaganda region – April 29, 2021;

North Kazakhstan region – April 30, 2021;

Pavlodar region – April 30, 2021.

In May, explanatory work will be conducted at the sectoral level.

Additionally, JSC «QazTrade” took part in 7 meetings of the Regional Export Councils, during which consultations on reimbursement of part of the costs were held. In the near future, representatives of QazTrade JSC will be sent to the regions and will provide local advise.

For reference:

Some of the following are eligible for reimbursement:

1) costs of promotion of goods abroad;

2) costs of direct participation in foreign exhibitions, forums, fairs, competitions, congresses;

3) costs of developing, translating and the publishing a specialized catalog for distribution abroad;

4) costs of maintaining branches, representative offices, retail space, warehouse and retail shelves abroad;

5) costs associated with the procedures related to the registration of trademarks abroad, on electronic trading platforms;

6) costs of the procedures for confirming the compliance of goods with the requirements established by technical regulations, standards, including organization standards, or the terms of contracts or confirmation of the right to carry out activities for the sale of goods abroad (certificates, permits, registration certificates and other documents) , as well as the costs incurred in the delivery of test samples  before and back for certification (if a certificate or other supporting document is available);

7) costs associated with authorization procedures for the use of objects of exclusive rights (franchising) abroad;

8) costs associated with foreign certification, accreditation, inspection of subjects of industrial and innovative activities (in the case of successful certification, accreditation, inspection and the presence of a certificate or other supporting document);

9) costs associated with the delivery of goods and payment for transportation services by road, rail, air, sea transport and the organization of transportation.

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