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Export portal Kazakhstan

Export portal Kazakhstan

This is the main tool for dialogue and interaction with exporters of the country. At the moment, the portal’s work is based on three areas – information, consulting, and interactive.

Information area

In this area, the principles of providing operational and strategic information are implemented.

Up-to-date relevant information is provided through news blocks and events. This information covers the main export events affecting the interests of Kazakhstan.

Strategic information includes country, industry, regional reviews, technical regulatory information, export guides, and export product directories. Implemented a block of interactive analytics.

A significant amount of information is available in the exporter’s Encyclopedia block, which provides information starting with how to become an exporter, basic information about the state of exports in the country, ending with links to the main documents governing this area, as well as links to other resources aimed at supporting export activities In Kazakhstan.

Consulting direction

This direction has been implemented as part of the section Measures to support exporters. Service and financial measures to support exporters are presented in detail. In this regard, interaction with such partners as QazIndustry, Kazakh Export, NPP Atameken and others plays a large role. Through the portal, the company is redirected directly to the organization providing this or that service.

Questions within the competence of QazTrade are quickly worked out by specialists.

Also, the feedback mechanism is implemented on the portal, which allows you to quickly respond to certain situations.

Interactive direction

Within this area, enterprises have the opportunity in the present time to submit applications for two programs – cost recovery and participation in the export acceleration program. Applications sent to the portal are quickly processed by QazTrade and QazIndustry.

The portal allows you to keep track of submitted applications, as well as record the chronology of their processing. A mechanism for attaching necessary documents to the application has been implemented, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of interaction between the parties.