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Entrepreneurs of the Almaty region presented measures of state export support

Entrepreneurs of the Almaty region presented measures of state export support

On September 13, QazTrade, together with the Akimat of the Almaty region, held a meeting with exporters of the region with the participation of the deputy akim of the region Arslan Dandybaev.

During the interactive meeting entrepreneurs were familiarized with measures of state support for domestic exporters of non-commodity goods and services. Business representatives discussed proposals and problematic issues, as QazTrade representatives presented ways to solve them. In particular, at the request of «Nur Kagazy» LLP, «Plast Invest Production» LLP, «Empire Food» LLP, «Green Land Alatau» LLP, «KZ Recycling» LLP and «Dolce» LLP, clarifications were given on the mechanism for providing reimbursement of part costs to exporters for transportation costs and promotion of products, export acceleration programs and access to electronic trading platforms, as well as participation in exhibitions and trade and economic missions.

The event was also attended by representatives «Kazakh Export» JSC, «QazIndustry» JSC, as well as regional authorities of Enbekshikazakh, Zhambyl, Ili, Talgar and Karasai regions.

In addition, during the meeting, QazTrade, together with USAID, presented a export strategy for the Almaty region. After discussing the implementation plan for this project, the parties made a decision on its further implementation. The strategy determines the priority directions for the development of the export activity of the region and serves as a guide for further sustainable development. Its implementation will ensure the growth in the volume of shipped goods, works and services, increase the competitiveness of products of regional producers in foreign markets.

On September 14-15, the QazTrade management visited a number of export-oriented enterprises, including the largest manufacturer of ventilation equipment «Almaty Ventilation Plant» LLP, the exporter of soft drinks «Galanz Bottlers» LLP, the leading supplier of plastic caps and capping containers, «Bericap Kazakhstan» LLP and the manufacturer lubricants of «Lukoil Lubricants CA» LLP. Separate meetings held with the representatives of «Bakhus» JSC, «Araltuz» JSC and «Gold Product» JSC, during which the constraints faced by business representatives in foreign economic activity discussed in detail.

General Director of QazTrade Azamat Askaruly emphasized the importance of providing state support to exporters:

“The development of non-commodity exports is one of the priorities for the Ministry of Trade and QazTrade. We are always open to a constructive dialogue with businesses and will consistently continue improving the ecosystem of support for domestic exporters.”

At the meeting with representatives of the Ili region measures of state support for domestic exporters of goods and services were presented and explained in detail.

For reference: exporters of the Almaty region actively use state support measures. Thus, in 2022, 14 companies in the region became participants in the Export Acceleration Program («LKZ Zhetysu» LLP, «Empire Food» LLP, «Adal Cut» LLP, «Gold Produc»t JSC, «Yakar» LLP, «Kazinterproduct» LLP, «Honmi»l LLP, «Ansar Foods» LLP, «Sun Planet Kazakhstan» LLP, «Shin-Line» LLP, «Dolce» LLP, «Qazaq Land Agro» LLP, «Bio Project» LLP, and «Goldman and Young» LLP); 5 companies received the status of a «gold» supplier on the Alibaba electronic trading platform («Gold Product» JSC, «Kazinterproduct» LLP, «Qazaq Land Agro» LLP, «Yakar» LLP and «IBT Group» LLP); actively participated in trade and economic missions, within which they were able to sign export contracts worth about 35 million US dollars; 20 companies were able to recover part of their export costs in the amount of more than 600 million tenge.

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