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What is the Export Acceleration Program?

The Acceleration Program is a unique program that will help perspective non-raw materials businesses to effectively enter international markets. This program is designed for top managers of promising exporting companies: General Directors, Directors for Production, Commercial Directors, Marketing Directors.Participants of export acceleration will have access to fast, efficient tools to promote products into the international markets, a possibility of personal meeting with international experts on entering the target markets, the short list of potential partners and customers in the target markets, having worked out road map for target markets entering (composed together with experts and specialists of PwC).

What is the algorithm of actions for entrepreneurs to export livestock products to China?

1. The entrepreneur sends to the Committee for Veterinary Control and Supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture (hereinafter - CVCS) or the Territorial Subdivision of CVCS a request for inclusion of an enterprise in the REGISTER of the General Administration of Customs of China (hereinafter - GACC) - the List of registered foreign enterprises entitled to supply products to the PRC.

2. CVCS sends a questionnaire to the entrepreneur to fill out the request, and then the questionnaire completed by the entrepreneur is to be checked and supplemented.

3. The regional territorial inspection CVCS  (hereinafter - RTI CVCS) conducts a preliminary inspection of the enterprise for compliance with the information declared by the entrepreneur.

4. RTI CVCS sends to CVCS MOA a positive conclusion based on the results of the preliminary inspection.

5. The CVCS MOA sends to the GACC a request from several enterprises for this type of product, a questionnaire, a positive conclusion of the preliminary inspection for inclusion into the REGISTER under the guarantee of the veterinary service of Kazakhstan or following the results of an on-site inspection of the GACC.

6. GACC conducts a documentary analysis of the submitted materials, based on the results of which, a decision is to be made on an inclusion into the REGISTER under the guarantee of the Veterinary Service of Kazakhstan or on conduction of an on-site inspection of the GAC.

7. GACC includes into the REGISTER under the guarantee of the veterinary service of the Republic of Kazakhstan (for example, fish) or GAC conducts an on-site inspection of several enterprises, following the results of the inspection, in case of a positive conclusion of the inspection, includes into the REGISTER.

8. The GACC publishes the REGISTER - a list of enterprises entitled to supply products to China.

9. The entrepreneur, whose enterprise is included in the REGISTER, receives a permit to export a consignment of goods, a veterinary certificate for export of livestock products.

For the moment which livestock products can be exported to China by Kazakhstani enterprises?

Enterprises of Kazakhstan can export the following types of livestock products to China:
• Beef;
• Mutton (the Chinese side introduced temporary restrictions);
• Honey;
• Milk and dairy products;
• Fish and fish products;
• Wool;
• Live horses (breeding and commercial, slaughter);
• Protocol on export of frozen pork was signed.

Which types of Kazakh livestock products is temporary restricted on import by the Chinese side?

According to Mutton - in connection with the outbreak of the disease - sheep pox, for which Kazakhstan timely carried out all the necessary measures to localize and eliminate the outbreak.

During negotiations with the General Administration of Customs of China on May 18, 2020, the issue of lifting the restrictions, introduced by the Chinese side last year, was discussed. The GACC informed that the analysis of documents, submitted earlier by the Kazakh side, is being carried out. Upon completion of the analysis, the Chinese side will notify the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan about the decision.

What types of Kazakhstani livestock products are being negotiated with the Chinese side to gain access to the PRC market?

-  for poultry products: The Kazakhstani side previously sent the completed questionnaire to the General Customs Administration of China, this questionnaire is under consideration.

- for chilled meat (beef, mutton): The Kazakh side previously sent all the materials necessary for consideration to the Chinese side, currently the General Customs Administration of China is conducting documentary analysis;

- expansion of exports for other fish species: currently 10 species of fish are exported. A draft Protocol has been prepared with an expanded list of fish species and fish products, which is under consideration of China;

- for by-products and farm animals - a questionnaire completed by the Kazakhstani veterinary service is under consideration by the Chinese side.

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